Friday, May 22, 2015

Splash Go Launcher and Beweather


I am so sorry for the long wait but I've been dealing with a lot of health issues lately. Nevertheless I am really happy at how my latest theme turned out. This theme is called "SPLASH". This version is for go Launcher. As I said in a couple of previous posts, I am making this a paid theme. It takes a lot of work to put out each collection and although I love sharing everything with you guys, A lot of people having been taking the "Free" work I put out and they are charging for it. I will still continue to post free things all of the time even themes. I hope everyone understands and still supports me and my work. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Soooooo any who with this part of the theme i am including a dropbox folder with the go launcher theme in it, as well as the beweather theme to match. I am also posting the ususal: Chomp SMS, Go SMS, ATK, Battery Widget, UCCW's, wizard memo, and notifiers
Note:  If you use any of the things I make and post them on Instagram or Facebook, Please tag me in the pic and use hashtag #DAZZLEMYDROID
♡♡I really appreciate the love and support from everyone♡♡


Please don't resell any of the things I make, Or Claim them as your own and redistribute them. Also DO NOT post any of the things I make on your blog/social network page as your own design.
You may edit and use them for your own personal use only. DO NOT take any of the things I make and change them up slightly passing them off as your own original design. Any changes to my work must be approved by me first. If anyone asks where you downloaded any of these things, please direct them to my blog.
I am not responsible for any damage that these designs or apps may cause to your device. I have tested out all of the things I make on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and all worked fine with no problems whatsoever.


  1. Tried clicking on donate and link doesn't seem to b working?

  2. Tried clicking on donate and link doesn't seem to b working?

  3. I was just fixing it. Thank you for letting me know. Can you try it again.

  4. Your welcome sweetie and thank you

  5. I'm trying to donate and purchasevyour work, but the link doesn't work... Help!!?? ?