Friday, January 16, 2015

Bryana hearts JLB font


I'm in love with this new font I ported for my Note 3 and I wanted to share it with you. Below is a screen shot of what the font looks like♡

To download this font click on the Betty Boop button below♡


I currently have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and use the pro version of the App called Ifont to add custom font to my phone. I download the font I want to use. Then I go into my file mngr app and locate that font. If it's on folder form I extract it, if it's already in ttf. Format then I click "copy to", then I locate the App called Ifont in the drop down list, I click on Ifont, then I click on the folder called custom, and finally I paste the font I downloaded into that folder. Then I go back into the pro version of ifont, click on the custom tab at the top of the page, locate the font I downloaded and click on it. (Make sure your settings allow you to download from unknown sources), I click install, then done. I go back into my phone settings, click on font, go into the font drop down menu, I locate the font I downloaded which usually has the word ifont right after it, I click on it and click OK to set it as my font and VOILA..... I know that was a drawn out set of directions but that's how I do it. If you know of another way kudos to you


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