Saturday, September 27, 2014

Go launcher badge tutorial

Hello Android Lovers ♡ ♡ ♡

I've gotten a lot of messages about the Go Launcher badges. People asked how to install them and backup/restore their go launcher settings so I decided to do a tutorial on both. 
Remember: The badges your installing is actually the Go Launcher Ex app just with the cute badges included.

First go to the blog where you found the badge you want to download. And press the download button. In this tutorial I'll use my badge as an example
Next it should take you to a Dropbox file so press Internet and OK like the picture below
Then you will reach the Dropbox download page. Press download
Then press Internet again if it doesn't automatically download
Then you should see a quick notification that your file is downloading. Go to your home screen or just pull down your notification bar at the top of your screen and click on the file you just downloaded to install it.
Follow the prompts to install it by clicking next, next, next, install. You may see a message pop up like the one below just click close.
And continue on with your installation by clicking package installer, then just once, then as I said above click next, next, next, install
Once the file has downloaded you want to make sure you set Go Launcher as your default home app. You can do this by pressing your home button. A menu should pop up giving you an option to choose between go launcher and touch wiz (the stock home app). Choose go launcher and select OK to set it as the default home app. Next you want to go to the Google Play Store and download Go Notifier if you haven't already. 
Once you have Go Notifier downloaded click open to open up the App itself. Once you click open click on the green button that says apply notification. 
After you do that you'll be directed back to your home screen where a small window will pop up like the one below. There you should see the badges you installed next to the apps they work for. check the boxes next to each app you want your badge to show for and give you notifications for.
If your not able to check the boxes on the lower half of the menu above then that means you need to turn on go notifier in your accessibility tab in your phone settings. You do that by going to your home screen and press your menu button, then press settings. Then locate the accessibility tab like the one below
Once you click on the accessibility tab locate the section called services. There you should see go notifier. It needs to say "on" next to it like the picture below
If yours says off next to go notifier then click on go notifier and switch the option to "on" like the picture below
after you've turned on go notifier in the accessibility tab in your phone settings, then you want to repeat the instructions above for Go Notifier by going to the play store, typing go notifier in the search bar, opening the Go Notifier app, pressing apply notifications and then you should be able to check the boxes next to all of the apps you want your badge to show for. After you've done all of that press your home button and VOILA your badges should be installed correctly and you will see them next to the apps you chose when you have missed calls, texts, Facebook messages etc....

If you already have Go Launcher Ex downloaded on your phone and you want to download badges first you need to back up your settings. You do this by going to your home screen and pressing your menu button, and press preferences
Then go to advanced settings
Then click backup and restore
Then click backup Go Launcher This creates a restore point like you would on a computer
Press okay to backup Go Launcher settings
Then you will now see a date and time under the backup Go Launcher part of the menu, showing the date and time your restore point was created
Now you've backed up your Go Launcher settings which includes your home screens and the widgets/apps you have organized and set up on them. Now that you've backed up your Go Launcher settings, uninstall the version of Go Launcher you currently have on your phone. After you Uninstalled go launcher your ready to install the badges. You can do that by following the steps above. Once you have the badges/go launcher installed you want to go to home screen and press your menu button and press preferences
Then click advanced settings
Then click backup and restore again
Then click on restore settings to set your home screen back to the restore point you created earlier
Then you will be back at your home screen with your settings back to normal and your new badges installed. I hope this tutorial helped better understand how to use the badges. 

If you have any questions please feel free to KIK ME at: @imjustjessica Or email me at:



  1. Yeah!!!! I did it :) thank you

    1. Great Erin I'm so glad that the tutorial helped you.

  2. Thank u so much! Now if I wanna switch between the badges I downloaded how do I proceed? Do I have to uninstall the current one I'm using now?

    1. Hello Kriszti,
      Yea you have uninstall the current Version and follow the steps again.

  3. Thank you Jessica - I had no idea where and how to start and your tutorial is very helpful!